$35 each

Shear Sharpening

Protect your investment and keep your shears performing their best with Acute Sharpening on-site sharpening service. Your shears are not only sharpened but receive a deep cleaning via an ultrasonic bath. This dislodges debris that has worked its way into areas that typical methods of cleaning cannot reach. Shears are disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, sharpened, hand honed, reassembled with new parts as needed, lubricated, and adjusted before being returned to the customer. Sharpening is priced at $35 per shear.  Yes, we can sharpen your serrated shears at no additional cost.  We can also add serrations to a non serrated shear for a $10 fee

Typical Repairs: Removing nicks, rehoning rideline, fixing bends, adjusting set, adjusting tension, geometry correction, previously improperly sharpened, welding broken handles, etc. 

Starting at $12 each

Clipper Blade Sharpening

Clipper blades are disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, sharpened, reassembled, lubricated, and adjusted as needed to cut like new. Sometimes brand new clipper blades don’t cut well right out of the box or after another sharpener has had their hands on them, if this is the case for you give us a call and we will get your blades back in service as soon as possible.

Typical Repairs: Worn cutters and/or combs, rust removal, damaged spring guides, setting tension, stripped screws, stripped sockets, improper setback, etc.

$25 plus parts

Clipper Maintenance

Clippers are disassembled, internally cleaned, inspected, greased, and reassembled with new parts as needed. Whether your blade drive is worn or you have a broken blade lock or hinge Acute Sharpening can get your equipment running like new again. With our large inventory of parts down time is minimal allowing you to get back to work as quickly as possible.

Typical Repairs: Blade drives, hinges, cord replacements, circuit boards, switches, motors, carbon brushes, battery replacements, etc.

Starting at $55 plus parts

Drier Repair

Driers are disassembled, internally cleaned, inspected and reassembled with new parts as needed. Did your drier simply shut off one day? We can fix broken driers by replacing worn internal carbon brushes or entire motors if need be. We can also replace damaged cords, broken switches, or clogged filters. Whatever is necessary to get your drier back up and running Acute Sharpening has you covered.

Typical Repairs: Carbon brushes, switches, cords, hoses, filter upgrades and replacements, motor replacement, internal cleaning, etc.

$12 each

Veterinary Instrument Sharpening

Instruments are inspected, Ultrasonically cleaned, sharpened, and adjusted as needed before being returned to the customer. With over 12 years in the surgical instrument sharpening industry, veterinary clinics can rest assured that Acute Sharpening will handle all of your surgical instrument sharpening needs.

Free For On-Site Services

Our Loaner Program

On-Site Loaners

Need to get your shears sharpened but don’t want to be down on equipment? Ask for a loaner when we show up to perform your sharpening and we will set you up with one of the many shears that Acute Sharpening has to offer at no additional cost.

Mail-in Loaners

Even though the turnaround time on our mail-in sharpening program is exceptionally fast, it can be a major inconvenience to be without your equipment. With Acute Sharpening’s Mail-in loaner program we will set you up with one loaner shear of a similar size and style for each shear to be sent in for sharpening.

How It Works: When filling out the Mail-in Sharpening Request Form on our website, simply check the box that says “Yes, I need a loaner”. You will then be asked to describe the shear or shears that are being sent in for sharpening. Once your form is received by Acute sharpening we will package up and send out a loaner along with a prepaid shipping label and detailed instructions on how to proceed. The instructions are as follows:

• Remove the loaner shear cases and prepaid return shipping label from the box.
• Remove the loaner shears from their cases and replace with your dull shears along with a note that includes the customers name and email address if multiple customers are receiving loaners (email is for individual invoicing purposes).
• Neatly repackage everything as it was when you received the package.
• Securely tape the box shut with packaging tape (can be supplied at your local USPS office).
• Apply the prepaid shipping label that arrived with your loaners.
• Drop off the package at your local USPS Office.

Once your shears are received by Acute Sharpening, they will be promptly sharpened and an invoice for payment will be emailed to each customer. Alternatively if one person or entity will be paying for the group then only 1 invoice will be generated and emailed to the paying party. Once all shear sharpenings are paid for, the shears will be forwarded to USPS within 24 hours. Shears are typically back in the mail within 1-3 business days of receiving. Once you have received your sharpened shears please repeat the steps above to return the loaners to Acute Sharpening. The total cost for Mail-in sharpening with a loaner is $40 per shear.

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  • Mail-in Sharpening

  • How does mail-in sharpening work?
  • Do I need to book an appointment for mail-in sharpening?
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  • How much does Mail-In sharpening service cost?
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