About Acute Sharpening

Sharpening and equipment repair solutions for the Beauty, Barber, Pet Grooming, and Veterinary industries. Whether you’re a stylist, barber, pet groomer, or a vetrinary clinic, Acute Sharpening understand the huge investment that can go into not only purchasing your equipment but maintaining it as well. Protect your investment and keep your equipment performing at its best with Acute Sharpening’s on-site sharpening and equipment repair service. Mail-in service is also available for out of area customers.

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Beauty & Grooming Industries

The Beauty, Barber, and Grooming industries will find value in Acute Sharpening on-site services as well. When a client purchases a piece of equipment such as a new pair of shears they are making an investment. Acute Sharpening aims to protect and maintain that investment while developing a friendly and professional relationship with clients. Having shears serviced on-site saves the customer days or even weeks of downtime as opposed to having them sent out for repair. Being certified by Shark Fin Professional Shear Company as a sharpener and distributor provides peace of mind to customers that their equipment is in good hands. Acute Sharpening also maintains a close relationship with Shark Fin allowing us to provide top notch service with factory parts when needed, and educate clients with the most up to date maintenance techniques and information. As a distributor, Acute Sharpening can fit and demo Shark Fin Shears on-site as well. This comes in handy when you may be considering the purchase of new shears but might have some questions or would like to try them out first.

Feedback from Our Happy Clients

"Jordan is the absolute best. He is knowledgeable in his products and sharpening services. He is on time, responds quickly, and is attentive to his client's needs. I would highly recommend him for sharpening or if you are in the market for new shears. Thanks again Jordan!"
"Jordan came to my shop to look at two of me daily use shears, one of which I had recently purchased from Shark Fin, upon inspection he noticed that they were in need of a major adjustment and contacted Shark Fin for me, he was able to replace the needed part and being as they were my go to shears left me with a brand new set of Shark Fin shears which were as good as the ones being repaired. When my shears were returned the cut better than new and were as sharp if not sharper then when they were ..."