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Sharpening and equipment repair solutions for the Beauty, Barber, Pet Grooming, and Veterinary industries. Whether you’re a stylist, barber, pet groomer, or veterinary clinic, Acute Sharpening understand the huge investment that can go into not only purchasing your equipment but maintaining it as well. Protect your investment and keep your equipment performing at its best with Acute Sharpening’s on-site sharpening and equipment repair service. Mail-in service is also available for out of area customers.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Competition?

Not all sharpeners are created equal and almost everyone has been burned by bad sharpening at some point. Rest assured that your equipment will be properly repaired when in the hands of Acute Sharpening. Below are just a few examples of what makes us North Jersey’s premier sharpening service.

  • Wealth of Knowledge

    There is a lot more to a cutting edge than you’d think. Understanding the anatomy and geometry of a shear and what makes that clean cut feeling vs. a crunchy feel that folds or pushes is absolutely imperative to be able to sharpen your equipment properly. This is what allows us to repair equipment that was previously sharpened improperly.
  • Corrective Shear Repair Specialists

    Oftentimes you give your expensive shears to a sharpener claiming to know what they're doing, only to find that they don’t cut properly shortly if not immediately after getting them back from sharpening. Acute Sharpening can bring those damaged shears back to life by re-convexing the edges or reapplying serrations that were removed by a previous sharpener.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Every shear and clipper blade that we work on receives a deep cleaning via an ultrasonic bath. Ultrasonic cleaning works through a process called cavitation, high-frequency sound waves transmitted through liquid to scrub clean the surface of submerged parts. This dislodges debris that has worked its way into areas that typical methods of cleaning cannot reach.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Everything we repair is guaranteed to work as it should. If for some reason something isn’t right after we’ve worked on your equipment, let us know and we will come back out and make it right.
  • We're Trusted & Certified

    Acute Sharpening is a Certified Repair Specialist

    Acute Sharpening is authorized to perform any and all repairs on all Shark Fin Shears without voiding any manufacturer's warranties. For verification, call Shark Fin toll free at 888-544-7254.

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